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Is your sleep sabotaging your success?

Subject: Is your sleep sabotaging your success?

Hi {!firstname_fix},

Do you ever lie awake in bed trying to switch off your brain to go to sleep

…but find your mind flooded with problems, worries, and pressures of all the stuff you need to get done?

Many people experience this frustrating routine daily.

Interestingly, new research shows there is a high chance it is sabotaging your ability to experience the success and prosperity you desire and deserve.

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Why does this happen?

It turns out there's one BIG reason why you can't sleep...

It's to do with an imbalance in your body…

But don't worry, this imbalance is easy and quick to reverse with a method called Mind Balancing.

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What is interesting and shocking is that there is a bunch of things many sleep specialists recommend that go against your internal body clock and cause this imbalance.

it's this imbalance that makes getting a recharging sleep each night almost impossible.

This is why it is essential to learn how to do this so you can balance your mind, optimize your sleep, improve your health and ultimately enjoy a better life.

Try it out tonight, and you'll notice your energy levels surge through the roof giving you the power to think more clearly, sharpen your focus and feel like you've turbocharged your entire body.

You'll even notice your stress levels drop dramatically…

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Enjoy and have a great day


Incredible! How to get the best sleep you've ever had!

Subject Line: Incredible! How to get the best sleep you've ever had!

HI {!firstname_fix},

Do you ever get the feeling that getting a decent sleep is an almost impossible task?

Especially with everything that is going on in your life?

I don't need to tell you how horrible it is to lie awake in bed fighting yourself to get to sleep especially when you have to get up early the next morning…

You feel annoyed, frustrated and even desperate. And, this is probably only scratching the surface of how tough your life becomes when you can't sleep…

However, there is far more to it than that…

See, as you may already know a lack of proper sleep sucks your energy and motivation directly from your body and causes unwanted stress and worry.

However, much more severe is that s sleep patterns can be detrimental to your health.

New scientific studies have proved that a lack of quality sleep increases your risk of suffering from debilitating, life-threatening illnesses like Alzheimer's, Heart disease and Strokes. These are the main culprits shaving off quality years of your life

But it doesn't need to be this way because of a recent discovery in sleep science, that is changing how people get quality shut-eye the world over.

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In this video sleep enthusiast and entrepreneur, Mark Williams reveals his secret weapon called Mind Balancing that he discovered as a result of a nasty car accident.

What is most shocking about the secret is less than 3% of people know about it…

However, by tonight you will be able to put the frustration behind you…

You will get a blissful nights sleep and wake up overflowing with blossoming energy…

Ready to make the most of each day and live your best life possible…

If you've ever had trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep, then you NEED to see this right now

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All the Best

(Your Name)

How To Sleep Your Way To A Better Life

Subject Line: How To Sleep Your Way To A Better Life
Subject Line: How To Sleep Your Way To Increased Success


it's [Your name]...

What I'm about to tell you is extremely IMPORTANT and will come as a SHOCK to you.

If you're wondering why I'm so worked up. . . Then watch this life-changing video right now:

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Inside Mark Williams shows you why you're not getting the sleep you need…

And how using a breakthrough method called Mind Balancing you can create a NEW positive brain habit that boosts your body's ability to sleep well.

This discovery came about as the result of a nasty car accident.

If you've ever experienced problems with getting to sleep because your mind is spinning like a hamster wheel and overloaded with a thousand thoughts….

Or if you can't seem to get the sleep you want that recharges your body and mind and pumps you full with abundant energy…

Then you will be shocked in a good way with what Mark will reveal…

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Just Imagine what it's going to feel like to drift off into an amazingly deep, restful sleep…

A supercharged slumber that allows you to think more clearly, experience a happier state of mind and have enough energy to do everything you want to do in a day.

Learning this method could very well be the game-changer for improving every area of your life in a very, very good way...


Talk Soon

(Your Name)

P.S The best part is this works without you having to change your routine or go to bed earlier. This means you don't have to give up those free hours of your time to do the things you enjoy most.

Perfect for Health and Weight Loss Lists

This Could Be The Reason Why You`re Not Losing Weight

Subject Line: Why eating healthy and exercise isn’t enough to lose weight

Subject line: This could be the reason why you’re not losing weight

Hey {!firstname_fix},

It’s [Your Name]...

I get it…

You’ve been busy working on getting in shape and eating right…

You’re getting minor results and you’re starting to feel a bit more optimistic about where you’re heading….

That’s what my friend Mark Williams felt too.

At least when he THOUGHT he knew what he was doing.

It turned out that he was horribly wrong. And all his hard work almost went down the drain…

This is because he was missing one vital ingredient and it took him falling asleep at the wheel of his car to discover it.

Check out his story here:

==> Discover the reason why you’re not losing weight

Did you know the quality of your sleep directly affects your body’s ability to lose unwanted and stubborn fat?

A recent study found that Sleep Controls Your Diet…

And not getting a good sleep each night prompts you to eat bigger portions of all foods, increasing weight gain.

And in a review of over 15 studies, researchers found that a lack of sleep led to increased cravings for energy-dense, high-carbohydrate foods.

Going directly against what your body requires to achieve your optimum weight….

However, everything changed when Mark realized that lack of consistent sleep was actually sabotaging every area of his life…

So he came up with a simple but highly effective method that allowed him to optimize his sleep, gain more energy, upgrade his health and make the best of life…

==> The secret method to a healthier life.

Talk Soon,

(Your Name)

Why Your Sleep Is Killing You – Why your lack of sleep is killing you.

Subject: Why Your Sleep Is Killing You – Why your lack of sleep is killing you.

HI {!firstname_fix},


Okay, this is shocking…

A recent survey showed that One in three of us suffer from poor sleep, with stress, computers and taking work home often blamed.

However, the cost of all those sleepless nights can be detrimental to your health and cause unwanted stress and worry, not to mention sucking your energy and motivation right from your body…

In fact, new scientific studies have proved that a lack of quality sleep puts you at risk of dangerous medical conditions, including obesity, heart disease and diabetes – and it shortens your life expectancy.

Check out this short video that will explain everything…

==> Why your lack of sleep is killing you

But there is no need for it to be this way because of a discovery is sleep science is changing how people get quality shut-eye the world over.

Internationally known sleep expert Mark Williams will give you a

never before seen look inside the secrets of what it really takes to get an

Incredible sleep each night…

He’ll show you a method called “Mind Balancing” he discovered as the result of falling asleep at the wheel of his car. A technique you can use to switch off your brain before you sleep so you drop down into a deep sleep within minutes of hitting the pillow…

And the unique link between quality sleep and better health…

Check out the video he created for you below.

==> How to get a dream sleep using Mind Balancing

I can't recommend this enough.

It’s about to change your life for the better - but only if you’re willing to take action and follow through with this.

Talk soon,


Perfect For Sending to Dating and Relationships Lists

Why Sleep Is Ruining Your Relationship

Subject: "Why Sleep Is Ruining Your Relationship"

HI {!firstname_fix},

Did you know that Sleep Deprivation could be sabotaging your relationship?

Makes sense right?

You feel moody, emotional and quick-tempered…

Throw in the constant feelings of fatigue and brain fog that consumes your mind and body and you have a recipe for relationship disaster…

If this sounds familiar, then you should check out Mark Williams short video below and find out how to deal with this once and for all!

==> Why Sleep in ruining your relationship

New research shows that a lack of sleep can result in a hormone imbalance and a lack of sexual desire…

Studies also show that spouses with fewer sleep problems also tend to be happier and enjoy a more harmonious intimate relationship.

But help is on hand because…

This video is going to show you exactly what to do so you instantly plunge into a deep and refreshing sleep….

And will give you more energy to pump romance, passion, and intimacy into your relationship…

Follow the link below

==> How to plunge into a deep and refreshing sleep

Talk soon

(Your Name)